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Direct Access

Direct Access to Physical Therapy allows you to see a therapist at Rehabilitex without a prescription from your doctor.

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What's Happening at Rehabilitex

Congratulations to our therapist Jessica Pisano DPT,  for completing her Vestibular Rehabilitation Training.  Jessica is now treating patients with a wide range of Vestibular, Balance,  and Vertigo issues.


Congratulations to Nick Sanders DPT, for teaching his first Integrative Dry Needling Course at Texas A&M.

CrossFit Performance Enhancement Programs

Nick Sanders DPT, is offering one-on-one and group training to evaluate and improve functional movement patterns for Crossfit Specific Movements.

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Sport Enhancement Programs

Rehabalitex now offers enhancement programs for athletes of all ages and sports.  An individualized program to assess and correct sports and exercise performance goals.

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